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Crtrus Bowl Ticket.jpg (25662 bytes)
My 1983 Citrus Bowl Ticket stub

      Gator Bowl 1966.jpg (33601 bytes)               Gator Bown 1973.jpg (34251 bytes)
My 1966 and 1973 Gator Bowl Ticket stubs

            Vols vs Auburn.jpg (29262 bytes) Wildcats vs Vols.jpg (31851 bytes)
                           In 1965, I watched this one in the rain                                                       First game I saw after the war (Vietnam)

 Army vs Vols.jpg (32784 bytes)                LSU vs Vols.jpg (28557 bytes)

           Vols vs Oregon St.jpg (20410 bytes)              Vols vs Georgia.jpg (26872 bytes)
      Vols vs LSU.jpg (13287 bytes)         Braves vs Dodgers 1969.jpg (7604 bytes)         Braves vs Dodgers 6-8-69.jpg (9631 bytes)          Braves vs Dodgers 6-22-69.jpg (9776 bytes)

              Braves vs Dodgers 7-18-71.jpg (7067 bytes)            Braves vs Dodgers 1973.jpg (26264 bytes)

      Braves vs Dodgers 7-28-74.jpg (10463 bytes)     Indians vs Yankees 4-23-77.jpg (13041 bytes)    Dodgers Standing Room.jpg (8073 bytes)      Dodgers vs White Sox 3-22-84.jpg (17478 bytes)

Braves Schedule 1974.jpg (16442 bytes)                        Redskins vs Cowboys 11-17-74.jpg (11364 bytes)

For Race Fans

                  Volunteer 500, 1967 .jpg (24593 bytes)              Southeastern 500, 1968.jpg (19035 bytes)

                                    Southeastern 500, 1970.jpg (17032 bytes)            Southeastern 500, 1973.jpg (18496 bytes)

 Daytona International Speedway.jpg (9345 bytes)


Bill's Ticket