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miss kathy2.jpg (21989 bytes)
Miss Kathy, My Lady

J_Carl_1.jpg (20295 bytes)                   Brenda_1.jpg (10228 bytes)
 Me, laid back                                                                 Miss Brenda Sue

 Dean_1.jpg (9104 bytes)                                          Me, Ruby, and James.jpg (22868 bytes)
               Dean Robinson, my best friend                           Miss Ruby, James and Myself in Ft Lauderdale
                                                                                                                    at Kathy Harper's house                

dean 3.jpg (22050 bytes)       Jerry_Brandon.jpg (23479 bytes)
    Dean, really laid back                                               Me and Brandon, just hangin' out

Suzanne Kathy Jake.jpg (22351 bytes)
Miss Suzanne, Jake, and Miss Kathy

Ted Katilin James.jpg (38111 bytes)
Ted, Katlyn Rose, and James

     My favorite car and I still have it.
chevy 57 3.jpg (17472 bytes)                        chevy 57 4.jpg (18179 bytes)

My Dad pickin' maters in Ruskin, Florida                      Mike Nidiffer, Congressman Bill Jenkins, Me
My Dad.jpg (14771 bytes)                  congressman.jpg (13681 bytes)

vietnam 1967.jpg (19954 bytes)         vietnam 1967 (2).jpg (20004 bytes)

meinnam2.jpg (29276 bytes)
    Some pics of me at the Dragon Mountain Compound, Pleiku, Vietnam in 1967
(13 toughest months of my life)

dignitaries.jpg (52458 bytes)
L-R Chancelor Dayton E. Phillips, J. B. Shepherd, Mayor of Elizabethton, TN, Robert O. Burleson,
State Senator, General William Westmoreland, Congressman James H. Quillen, Judge Jerry Weaver

govenor.jpg (38038 bytes)
Judge Jerry Weaver, Governor Lamar Alexander, Honorable John Ritchie,
Mr. Ernest "Gebe" Ritchie.

wedding pic.jpg (53514 bytes)
Me, doing a wedding at the Allendale Mansion in Kingsport.

trever and jerry2.jpg (44342 bytes)
Me and Trever at the ball park in 1987.

James at 80.jpg (33377 bytes)
September 19, 2000 James is 80.

James and Ted.jpg (58682 bytes)
James and Ted eating his birthday cake.

100-0131_img.jpg (36979 bytes)
Some farmers on a sunny afternoon at Weaver Store

100-0136_img.jpg (56748 bytes)
Dean lives here nesseled back in the woods

100-0138_img.jpg (20284 bytes)
This is for (you know who you are!)

B. Ronnie & Me at the game 2.JPG (64413 bytes)
This is how B. Ronnie and I spent inning 2 thru 7 at the Metrodome during the American League Playoffs
between Minnesota and Oakland on 10-4-2002.

100-0132A_img.jpg (52810 bytes)
170 Rainbow Circle, Home to James and Myself

Bill & Brenda.jpg (49257 bytes)
Bill & Miss Brenda

100-0199_IMG.JPG (34204 bytes)
B. Ronnie and J. Carl on Christmas Eve 2000

100-0222_IMG.JPG (82831 bytes)
Katlin Rose and J. Carl on Christmas Day 2000

100-0327_img.jpg (70051 bytes)
Tony Oliva, Me, Frank Valdez Weaver (my adopted son)

High level.jpg (71113 bytes)
A High Level Conversation

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