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This  is an official Cleveland Indians Program.   I got it July 28, 1959 while attending a game between the Indians and the Boston Red Sox.  Notice in the white toward the bottom are the autographs of Hank Greenberg and Hoot Evers, two Hall of Famers.  I obtained their autographs when I was eleven.  

Indians Program4.jpg (175226 bytes)
This is my copy of the official World Series Program for 1991.  It was autographed by all but four of the members of the 1991 world champions and sent to me by my friend, Tony Oliva.

Twins Program4.jpg (80075 bytes)
The Cleveland Indians first season in the Florida Grapefruit League after their move from Arizona.  Bob Feller autographed my program.  I first met him at the All-Star game in Cincinnati in 1988.

Bob Feller2.jpg (106360 bytes)  


tony oliva 2.jpg (101319 bytes)
He should be in the Hall of Fame.


Autographed Baseball 1.jpg (192592 bytes)
This baseball was autographed for me by my friend Tommy Davis of the Los Angeles Dodgers.  He was the National League batting champion in 1962.

don drysdale baseball.jpg (16161 bytes)                      bill madlock baseball.jpg (16225 bytes)
Don Drysdale                                                                             Bill Madlock

oral hershiser baseball.jpg (14886 bytes)                      sandy koufax baseball.jpg (12873 bytes)
                              Oral Hershiser                    Alejandro Pena, Sandy Koufax,  Ron Perranoski, Peter O'Mally

rick monday baseball.jpg (14251 bytes)                      vin scully baseball.jpg (14524 bytes)
Rick Monday, Don Drysdale, Bill Russell              Hall of Fame voice of the Dodgers,  Vin Scully

Kirby Puckett Baseball.jpg (17371 bytes)
Kirby Puckett

My 1963 St Louis Cardinals Yearbook.
 Cardinals Yearbook 1963.jpg (37523 bytes)

 Los Angeles Dodgers Yearbook 1963                            Los Angeles Dodgers Yearbook 1964
 Los Angeles Dodgers Yearbook 1963.jpg (28162 bytes)                      Los Angeles Dodgers Yearbook 1964.jpg (29257 bytes)

 Atlanta Braves official program 1978                  Cleveland Indians official program 1977
atlanta scorebook.jpg (23382 bytes)                             cleveland scorebook.jpg (32282 bytes)

Minnesota Twins Spring Training Program   1991          Minnesota Twins Spring Training  1993 


baseball picture2.jpg (39640 bytes)

L-R  Jim Lemon outfield for Washington Senators before their move to Minnesota, Ray Smith Twins minor league coach, Andy McPhail former General Manager Minnesota Twins, Rick Tomlin now a coach in the New York Yankees organization.

 don, john, jerry2.jpg (21807 bytes)
Don Marshal, John Tate (when he was boxing's heavyweight champion of the world), and Me

A Few of the old Sport Magazines that I saved from years ago.

           May 1961                                                                                       June 1961 
           Sport May 1961.jpg (39998 bytes)       Sport June 1961.jpg (42210 bytes)

July 1961                                                                               August 1961
 Sport July 1961.jpg (41968 bytes)         Sport August 1961.jpg (44731 bytes)

September 1961                                                                                 October 1961
        Sport September 1961.jpg (39290 bytes)          Sport October 1961.jpg (42490 bytes)

December 1961                                                                           February 1962
           Sport December 1961.jpg (31358 bytes)       Sport February 1962.jpg (41337 bytes)

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