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sunset.jpg (16533 bytes)
Sunset across the intercostal waterway, Cresent Beach, Florida

Dana and James.jpg (38932 bytes)
Dana Dykes and my Dad on the boardwalk outside the Fountain Bleau Hotel Miami Beach, Florida

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Me and Brandon on 2-10-01                                       Miss Kathy on 2-10-01

plaque2.jpg (41909 bytes)
Presented to me by the four named members of the Minnesota Twins Baseball Organization

Ronnie & Debbie.jpg (39080 bytes)
Ronnie & Debbie

Me and Doug.jpg (36706 bytes)  
Me and Doug hangin' out at Weaver's Store

100-0438_img.jpg (41268 bytes)
Doug pettin' the puppies at Weaver's Store

mike1.jpg (24502 bytes)
Mike Pritchard spending money at Weaver's Store

randall1.jpg (25726 bytes)
Randall Buckles checkin' out at Weaver's Store

Jeff on 4wheeler.jpg (46053 bytes)
Jeff, filling up the ole 4 wheeler at Weaver's Store

Jim Rantz.jpg (32727 bytes)
Jim Rantz, Director of Operations for the Minnesota Twins minor league farm system at Weaver's Store

SCVFD S-2.JPG (23789 bytes)
Stoney Creek Volunteer Fire Department Station 2

Jim & Tonja Johnson Easter Sunday 2004

Me and the Preacher at Weaver's Store

Carolyn Sue Scratching Lottery Tickets at Weaver's Store